Sales Manager Interview

Trying to find the right candidate for the Sales Manager position on your team? Use this template to find someone amazing who has great long-term potential!

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Tone of the meeting

👋 Introduction

Give the candidate the opportunity to introduce themselves to you and potentially other interviewers.

Tell me about yourself?

Why do you want to be a sales manager?

👤 Management experience

Learn about the candidate’s previous management experience with the questions below.

Tell me about the teams you’ve managed and how you built them.

How would you describe your leadership style?

How do you create a winning environment?

How would you coach the sales team?

How would you motivate your sales team?

🔬 Strategy

Learn about their strategic vision for a sales team within an organization.

Can you explain a sales campaign you’ve recently used? Was it successful?

How would you address a situation where a sales rep missed their sales goals for a few months?

🤝 Collaboration

Learn a little bit more about how they would collaborate with other teams.

How should sales collaborate with marketing and customer success?

How do you communicate with senior leadership?

How do you set goals, track progress, and ensure performance for and from your team?


Any questions for me?

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