SCAMPER Problem-Solving Method

Help your team explore traditional ways of thinking through seven different perspectives with this handy meeting template.

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Internet Startup Agency Consumer SaaS
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Department Wide
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Brainstorming Meeting
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Team Lead
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Objective 🎯

What problem are we trying to solve?


  • What can be switched out in the current idea?
  • What can you substitute or change from your product or process?
  • How can you substitute it for something else entirely?

Combine 🧬

At this stage, you should consider how to combine two or more parts of your process to achieve something new.

  • Perhaps two of your product features are getting in each other’s way.
  • Can they be combined to create a more efficient customer experience?

Adapt 🧠

Think through what can be added, tweaked, or modified in your product or process to make it better.

  • How can we adjust the existing product?
  • How can we make the process more flexible?

Modify 🚀

Ask what could be possible with major changes.

  • Could you modify the product or process to improve results?
  • Can you change the process to work more efficiently?

Rework and reuse ♻️

  • Can you use this product/process somewhere else?
  • Can the product or process be used in another way?
  • Can you change the process to work more efficiently?

Eliminate ❌

This step is all about removing aspects that do not bring anything to the table.

  • What can be removed or simplified?
  • How can you achieve desired results without it?

Reverse ⏮

  • Could your team rearrange or interchange elements to improve results?
  • Is flipping your process on its head something to consider?

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