Series A Board Meeting

Use John Vrionis' (Co-Founder of Unusual Ventures) Series A Board Meeting Template to discuss the company's strategy and its main functional areas.

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Discuss the ongoing board meeting questions.

Are we doing the right things?

How is our progress against our plans?

Is this still the right plan?

How is the company doing?

How is the market?

What is the top one to two things on the mind that are keeping you up at night?

🤝 Team

Discuss the current org chart and desired org chart.

What are the open positions you want to fill immediately?

Show your pipeline of candidates.

What are the other key hires you need to make in the next three to six months?

How is morale? Any attrition (wanted and unwanted)?

🚦 Sales pipeline

‍‍Discuss the current deals in progress.

What stage are they in?

What is required to close? What is the use case?

💻 Product/engineering

‍Present the product timeline (new features, new releases, etc.).

🚀 Marketing

‍‍Review with the board the marketing plan.

Any updates on outbound activities?

How about the Demand Generation plan and targets?

What are your goals in terms of awareness?

How is your revenue creation engine working?

💰 Finance

‍Discuss the 12-month operating plan, including monthly and quarterly targets.

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