Series A Pitch Deck Meeting Template

Use this pitch deck structure (curated by Creandum) to maximize your success for raising a Series A.

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Tone of the meeting

Executive summary

Convey your strongest pitch points and highlight some key investment attractions.


Help others understand how big the pain point and problem is by backing its severeness up with specific statistics/data and intuitive illustrations or graphics.


Outline how you will solve the problem.


Explain and showcase the product with pictures, outline its core functionalities and explain how they add value.


Show the total addressable revenue market size. Avoid only stating broad (often inflated) industry market sizes. Ideally, you have a bottom-up calculation behind what you show.

Metrics and financials

Typical key elements of interest are: development of revenue, growth, # of customers/users, unit economics, acquisition efficiency (CAC, payback time), engagement and retention.


Celebrate key hires (an important signal if founders can recruit and convince awesome talent to work for them), show the diversity of expertise and cultural background, and outline your team structure.

What’s next?

Elaborate on expansion plans, outlook on the product side and key financial milestones and projections.

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