Social Media Campaign Kick-Off Meeting

Use this Social Media Campaign Kick-Off Meeting template to brainstorm with the marketing team what our social media strategy looks like.

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🎯 Social media goals

Identify the goals that we want to achieve through social media that feed into business objectives.






πŸ“Œ Target audience

Who is your target audience? Identify their age, location, occupation, interests, etc.

πŸ€” Competition

Learn about what your direct competitors are doing on social media, and conduct an analysis.

❎ Social media audit

If we already have some social media accounts, what is working well? What is not working well? What can we do to improve?

πŸ“² Account set-up

Determine what social media networks we should use and set up our accounts. Think about graphics, branding, account names, etc.

πŸ—“ Content calendar

Create a posting schedule to determine when and how you will put out content.

πŸ’¬ Brainstorm

Brainstorm how we will create content for each social media network. What will each account look like and what purpose are they trying to serve?

βœ… Action items

What are the next steps?


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