Startup Co-Founder Interview

Forming a balanced co-founder team is critical in building a successful company. Use this template to ensure you're hiring the right counterpart!

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Tone of the meeting

Personality and incentives

Learn about both parties’ personality and their incentives to embark on a new venture.

Why do you want to build a startup?

What would be your personal goals for this company?


Discuss past experiences.

Have you built a company before? What was the outcome?

What is your experience in this industry? (for example, in the software industry)

What is your ideal outcome for salary in the early stages? Are you comfortable working unpaid?

Do you have any experience fundraising? What are your thoughts on fundraising?

Can you share a time you did something you have never done before? How did you handle it? What was the outcome?

Working styles and culture

Discuss both preferred working style and building culture.

If you had to come up with three words to describe the culture you want to create, what would they be?

What values would you want to instill in our employees?

What is your experience working or managing diverse teams?

What roles do you think the first five hires will be?

Roles and responsibilities

Discuss potential roles and responsibilities if you move forward.

What are your best skills and competencies? How do you think we should divide the responsibilities within the business?

What will our decision-making process in the early stages look like?

What should the equity split be?

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