Team Charter Meeting

A Team Charter Meeting Template is used to discuss a set of agreements designed by the team to keep the team focused on its purpose and the end results.

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💬About the team

Discuss the purpose and expectations of the team.

Who is the team leader?

What should key stakeholders expect from this team?

What does each contributor bring to the team?

What are their individual expectations?


Discuss the team’s vision and objectives.

What does success look like for our team?

In an ideal world, what would you accomplish?

How are we working to support the rest of the org?

💪Define responsibilities

Discuss each team member’s role, responsibilities and needs.

Define roles and responsibilities

Who is doing what? For whom?

What does each team member need to achieve their goal?


Discuss how the team will communicate progress, feedback, etc. with one another?

How will you check in?

When or how often?

How will you measure success?


List each team member’s name and have them sign off on the charter by checking off the talking point next to their name.

Team Member 1

Team Member 2

Team Member 3


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