Team Meeting Agenda for Small Design Team

Keep everyone connected, share the progress and obstacles, solve issues and share learnings. Perfect for a small design team!

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Meeting Scope
Team Wide
Meeting type
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Host Role / Title
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Tone of the meeting

🎯Goals and objectives [1 minutes]

Share current tasks, OKR progress and top priorities.

Current ongoing tasks

OKR progress

Top priorities

💡Learnings [15 minutes]

Share interesting articles you’ve read and useful links.

🎨Quick design tip [5 minutes]

Share any quick design tips you’ve learned in the past week.

📌Main topics [25 minutes]

Discuss the main topics of the meeting, for instance, how will we adopt the latest trend?

✅Wrap up [5 minutes]

What is the outcome of this meeting? What are the action items?

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