Virtual All-Hands (Buffer)

Use this template to get your team inspired and aligned during virtual all-hands meetings. Curated by Nicole Miller, Director of People at Buffer.

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Tone of the meeting

Icebreaker question while we’re gathering

Share light and fun icebreaker questions ahead of time, so teammates can jump in and start chatting, avoiding the “Zoom silence.” You could also have a teammate play music.


Kick-off every All Hands with about 1 minutes of celebration of all your team has accomplished inside and outside of work since the last sync.

CEO update (15-3 mins)

It’s the team’s opportunity to hear what’s on the mind of your CEO and where your company is headed.

Area Highlights (3-5 mins/team)

Every area of your team shares something new or remarkable within their department, or update the full team on their projects or initiatives.

Breakouts/team-building (5-1 mins)

Breakout chats in smaller groups.

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