Virtual Sales Kickoff (SKO)

Get your entire Sales organization excited about the upcoming year with this expert-approved template from the team at Salesforce.

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Tone of the meeting

🔑 Inspirational keynote

Use this initial meeting to make everyone excited about joining the team and organization. Aspirational goals become much more attainable when everyone is eager to sell together.

👥 Breakout sessions

Create actual or imaginary case studies, conduct a real-time hackathon, practice learning in role plays with live feedback, and foster a competitive spirit with gamification and rewards to keep breakouts engaged.

📚 Customer stories

Inquire of a few customer speakers about why they choose your organization, what's hot in their field, and how they'd advise you to communicate with comparable consumers in the future.

👀 Team vision and goals

Use this time – when everyone is focused on the same goals – to facilitate conversations with key leaders and discuss everyone’s vision for the year.

🎉 Celebrations and awards

Recognize salespeople and huge wins from the previous year to continue this time-honoured practice. Have some fun with the awards – and come up with some categories that will make your team chuckle.

⚽ Team activity

Come up with a fun and connective team activity where members can learn and grow together in order to end off the meeting on a high and positive note.

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