Virtual Sales Meeting with Prospect

Sales leaders identified that virtual meetings are more profitable than in-person meetings. Host an effective virtual sales meeting with this template.

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Meeting Scope
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Tone of the meeting

💬 Interesting insights & ice breakers

Allow for lots of interaction and reconnection at the top of the meeting. Share interesting insights or topics.

🚀 Purpose of the meeting

Briefly describe the purpose of the meeting and what you plan to discuss with the prospect.


Use these prompts to create a compelling product or service story and walk the prospect through the journey since you might not be able to use the same presentation deck or demo in a virtual meeting,





🖼 Visuals

Present the visual content that you have prepared that addresses the purpose of the meeting. Link the visual content here to make it easy to access.

📣 Opportunities for engagement

List opportunities to transform your one-sided sales call into an interactive experience for your prospect. These could include polls, questions to ask, etc.

🤔 Questions and objections

List any questions and objections that the prospect might have.

👋 Closing

Review and summarize everything that was discussed to ensure everyone is on the same page.

✅ Next Steps

Outline the next steps for the prospect.

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