VP of Sales Interview

Try these screening questions when interviewing VP of Sales candidates. Note that this template will vary based on different types of SaaS businesses.

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👋 Introduction

Ask the candidate to give a quick introduction.

Tell me about yourself

💰 Previous sales experience

What is the candidate’s past sales experience? What deals have they closed?

What deal sizes have you sold to? On average? Range?

Tell me about deals you’ve lost to competitors.

🛠 Tooling

What is the candidate’s experience with different tools? Do they have recommendations of tools to invest in or processes to implement?

What sales tools have you used and what works for you? What hasn’t worked well?

🤝 Collaboration

How well does the candidate work with other teams? Do they have much experience working cross-functionally?

How should sales and client success/management work together?

Do you work with sales engineers and sales support? If so, what role do they need to play at this stage when capital is finite?

How should sales and marketing work together at our phase?

👥 Sales team

What is the candidate’s ideal team given their prior experience? What roles are they thinking of (BDRs, SDRs, Account Executives)?

How big a team do you think we need right now, given what you know?

Who do you know right now that would join you on our sales team?

💬 Management

What experience does the candidate have leading and building teams?

Tell me about the teams you’ve directly managed, and how you built them.

💡 Ideas & plans

Does the candidate have an idea of strategies that they’d use? Or any medium-term targets to work towards?

How do you deal with FUD in the marketplace?

What will my revenues look like 12 days after I hire you?

❓ Questions

Any questions for me?

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