Web Developers Interview

Web developers are a key hire to showcase your product and drive traffic. These interview questions will help you assess a candidate’s hard and soft skills!

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Tone of the meeting

👋 Introduction

Give the candidate an opportunity to introduce themselves to you and potentially other interviewers.

Tell me about yourself?

🖥 Previous experiences

Learn a little bit more about the candidate’s previous experience with the questions below.

Tell me about a time when you got stuck while coding. How did you work your way through the problem?

Tell me about your favourite development project to date. What was it like from start to finish? What about this project stood out for you?

Describe a time when you’ve dealt with negative feedback.

🌐 Industry awareness

Does the candidate keep up to date with trends?

Name a website you like. What is appealing about it?

How do you keep up with the latest coding developments and programs?

💪 Soft skills

Ask the candidate about what soft skills they possess.

What’s the most important soft skill for a web developer?

🤝Teamwork and communication

Ask the candidate questions about teamwork and styles of communication.

Do you like working as part of a team while you’re coding? What do you think contributes to a successful team?

Explain JavaScript to me in a way that even an inexperienced techie could understand.


Give the candidate an opportunity to ask any questions.

✅ Next steps

Communicate with the candidate what the next steps are?

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