Weekly Customer Success Team Meeting Template

Facilitate conversations about customer issues, the health of current accounts, and current priorities for the Customer Success team.

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Meeting Scope
Team Wide
Customer Success
Meeting type
Weekly Team Meetings
Host Role / Title
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Tone of the meeting

💬 Agenda

Updates and other points for discussion.

🎯 Progress towards goals

Let’s quickly discuss our team’s progress towards our quarterly goals.

🚧 Blockers

Add any blockers you are currently experiencing that you think the team can help you with.

🔄 Recurring customer problems

Recurring trends to keep an eye on. i.e Billing issues, calendar, sync, etc.

🏥 Health of current accounts

Discuss the health of those customer accounts that may need extra attention.

📌 Current projects/initiatives

Each CS Rep will discuss their current projects and initiatives for team visibility.

CS Rep 1

CS Rep 2

CS Rep 3

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