Weekly Productive Virtual Meeting

Prioritize, solve problems, make decisions, and work toward your goals by using this weekly productive virtual team meeting template. Curated by Michel Gagnon, Global Managing Director at plista.

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Weekly Team Meetings
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Tone of the meeting

Part 1 (~2 mins)

Quick reporting on essential business KPIs and aspects.

😀 Good news (~5 mins)

Start the meeting in a positive tone by sharing good news with the team.

📊 Scorecard (~5 mins)

Reporting on critical numbers for Finance, Sales, Customer Success, and P&E to identify any concerns that could hinder us from meeting our targets/completing our OKRs.

🗞 Releases from customers, employees, and products (~5 mins)

Share any news from customers, employees, or product to raise awareness and alert others to any potential problems.

👈 Follow up on previous action items (~5 mins)

Check in on the to-dos from the previous week. Is the team staying on track?

Part 2 (~3 mins)

Discuss and highlight the top three issues that are preventing the team from moving forward or that need to be remedied.

Challenge 1


Challenge 3

✅ Conclusion (~5 mins)

What are the next steps to resolve the three most pressing challenges?

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