Welcome! (Onboarding New Employees)

A resource to guide new hires through set-up and company processes. [Edit template to be company specific]

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We’re super excited to have you on board

Here you’ll find a list of resources to get you started, and some action items to help you get set up. Make sure to ask [


] and ask the team if you have any questions, they’re here to help.

Resources 📚

Ex. Wifi info, company values, internal docs, employee FAQ

Your Team 👥

List team members or link to organization chart

Getting Set Up

These action items will make sure that you’re up and running in no time.

Ex. Grab a desk and get your laptop, account set-up

Your First Week 🗓

A brief itinerary of what’s going to happen in your first week

Ex. Security 1-on-1

Congrats on making it through! You’re all set up and ready to go 👏

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