What? So What? Now What? Reflection Meeting

Use this reflection meeting template to encourage critical thinking and reflection about a recent project or experience.

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Describe what happened. What did you pick up on? What aspects jumped out to you?

What is the problem or issue that we are facing?

What happened?

What did you notice?

What was everyone’s reaction to the event?

What positive and negative aspects do you observe?

So what?

Determine the ramifications. Make sense of what you've learned. What impact did they have on your team?

How does this event affect us? How does it affect our future?

Why is it important? What critical questions does this information cause us to ask?

What emotions does the event evoke? How does it make us feel?

What conclusions can we draw from this experience?

Now what?

Establish a plan of action. What's the limit? What activities are reasonable?

What do we need to do to move forward? How can we turn this event into something positive?

What have you learned? How will you use the insights that you discovered?

What will you do differently the next time? What will you do the same?

What hidden opportunities has this event uncovered? How can we use them for our benefit?

Action items

What came out of this meeting? What are the next steps?

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