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Instantly ramp up the fun & engagement of any meeting with your favorite Dive games, activities, and icebreakers - available right inside your Zoom interface.


From typical Zoom to virtual social space

Turn your regular meetings into meaningful bonding sessions. With Dive, you're one click away from games & icebreakers that will have your dream team working better together.


Build company culture virtually

Dive for Zoom makes it's easier than ever to build a people-first remote culture! Build trust, togetherness, and collaboration by bringing Dive into your meetings.


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Foster engagement, free-flowing conversations, collaboration, and a dose of healthy competition. Say 👋 to meetings your teams can't wait to join.


All the fun, in one place

Dive allows you to play games, connect with coworkers, and build camaraderie where your team is already meeting. More fun, less time switching tabs - could it get any better?

Team bonding - despite the distance

Dive in for a FUNtastic time with your team!