Better connection & communication during every 1-1

One-on-one meeting software for remote teams

With Dive, managers and reports can collaborate on agendas and notes, follow up on action items, and build an accountable culture. Host 1:1s that foster personal connection and productivity.

PRE-MADE TEMPLATES for better meetings

Spend meeting time on what matters

Import all your recurring meetings from the calendar with one click, then host the perfect one on one by choosing an expert-build meeting template from the Dive library. Personalize your template and save the ones you love for repeatable success.

Foster accountability and paths to growth for every teammate

Help direct reports succeed with collaborative agendas and clear action items. Build and share your agenda in advance then edit in real time so everyone is on the same page. Next steps are a breeze with action items right in the agenda.


Help everyone keep track of notes and progress

Follow up on action items with ease with meeting recaps and notes sent automatically via email and Slack. Now every meeting is well documented and action oriented, and you can always check back on your notes when you're ready to move forward.

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