Dive App for Zoom Documentation

Why Zoom + Dive?

Zoom users can now bond with teammates and have bond over games and fun activities using Dive.
With Dive, turn your regular meetings into meaningful bonding sessions and engaging hangout sessions with a single click, right from within Zoom.

Why Dive + Zoom?

Not every meeting is about work. Right now it takes a lot of effort to schedule and host an off-work catch-up with your peers on Zoom. You need to use third-party apps, use screen share, keep refreshing, send emails and do a lot of things to host your happy hours or other casual meetings.With Dive, you can schedule your casual hangouts in a jiffy. And, avoid the hassle of using a gazillion third-party apps to host your happy hours. Dive has in-built games and fun activities to let you have a great time without leaving your Zoom meeting.


1. Go to Zoom marketplace - https://marketplace.zoom.us/.
2. Search for Dive in the marketplace and click on the app.
3. Click on Install.
4. Click on Authorize to allow Dive to be able to run on Zoom.
5. Once you click on authorize, you need to sign up for Dive if you are a new user, or login to start using the app.

Alternatively you can click on the following URL to install Dive directly - https://sable.letsdive.io/v1/api/zoom/install/


1. Log into your Zoom account.
2. Open apps and click on Dive.
3. You will be able to view the Dive window on the right side of your Zoom interface.
4. You can maximize or minimize this window according to your preference.
5. Dive app will contain activities, including Psych, Cards against formality, Truth and dare, Whiteboard and Things to talk about.
6. Click on any activity to read the rules and start the activity.
7. You can play these games or bond over these activities with the other Zoom participants.

Uninstall Dive

1. Open the Zoom marketplace
2. Go to Manage or click here - https://marketplace.zoom.us/user/installed
3. Click on Dive and click on Uninstall to successfully uninstall the app from Zoom.