Connection is essential for great work

The Dive team is on a mission to help remote and hybrid teams feel happier at work. With 51% of remote employees citing isolation as their #1 reason to quit, looking out for one another isn’t just good practice, it’s good business.

When we started asking people what their biggest pain points were, we heard the same thing over and over: there are too many useless meetings. Whether they were boring, rambling, or ran over, virtual meetings often left people feeling less productive and uninspired.

That’s why we’ve built Dive: to help teams take back control and plan for success on their terms. We’re committed to creating spaces where people can show up as themselves to participate in productive, positive conversations. We want every person to leave a meeting feeling energised, not drained.


When teams use Dive for meetings, they report a 90% increase in engagement and productivity.


Meet globally, work locally

We believe in our mission because we live and work it. Our team is based in 5 countries and works across 6 times zones. Our first client was in Dubai, and our first hire was in Canada.
Before Dive, founders Nitesh and Om spent over six years founding and managing remote companies. As a result, they intimately know the challenges remote and hybrid teams face: a reported 40% increase in attrition across industries and a 65% decrease in employee engagement.
They founded Dive to solve these issues. Now, they’re proud to lead a diverse and growing team that’s helping transform the way we meet and work together.

Nitesh Agrawal
Nitesh Agrawal

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Mentors & angel investors

Elena Verna
Head of Growth, Amplitude
Viral Bajaria
CTO and Co-founder, 6Sense
Job Van
Remote.com, CEO
Amit Singh
President, Palo Alto Networks
Utsav Somani
Partner @ AngelList India
Amit Ranjan
Co-founder, Slideshare
Anand C
EVP, Five9, Ex-Director Facebook
Zvi Band
Ex-CEO at Contactually
Akhil Paul
Strategy at Caparo Group
Aadil Mamujee
Product at Opensea
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