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Dive AI & Zoom: Your power duo for smarter, more efficient meetings

Upgrade your meetings with Dive AI's seamless Zoom integration, delivering AI-powered summaries, transcripts, and action items at the click of a button

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13,000+ teams host great meetings with Dive


One-click to level up Zoom

Easily add the Dive AI bot to your Zoom meetings for stress-free recording, spot-on transcripts, and lightning-fast meeting summaries

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Instant  summaries and notes at your fingertips

Ditch manual note-taking and miscommunications—Dive AI captures every essential detail, providing real-time, accurate summaries and transcripts

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Collaborate without ever leaving Zoom

Dive comes fully loaded with over 50+ useful apps, like Whiteboard and Polls, that help you  work more efficiently without toggling between multiple windows.

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Sharing notes + action items  made easy

Effortlessly share meeting notes & auto-generated action items via your favorite productivity tools like Slack, Google Docs, Notion and 100+ other tools.

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