Lasting impressions (minus the legwork) with AI-powered client meetings

Let Dive's AI assistant be your agency's secret sauce: wow clients, keep processes tight, and never miss a detail. For killer client communication - minus the admin.

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Works right away with your go-to tools

Turn client meetings into client wins.

With Dive, meetings with clients are way more than blocks on a calendar; they're opportunities. Be on your A-game, every time, without extra effort.
Consistently leave clients nodding in approval
Engage fully with the team, while Dive discreetly handles the note-taking and keeps track of the essential moments.
Keep tabs on those action points
Wrap up with AI-drafted summaries and actionable takeaways. It's like having a meeting compass pointing the way.
Don't miss those "aha!" moments
Every chat’s now at your fingertips, making sure you can always pull up that key point when you need it.
Meetings? More like power-ups. Every time.

Prep for clients without the scramble

Start with Dive's agenda blueprints. It takes what worked from past meetings and crafts an agenda that covers every base.

Wherever you meet - you’re covered

Dive is the perfect attendee for Zoom and Meet - keep it in the background as a (totally silent) bot, or open up the interface to team up on collaborative notes and action items.

AI generated meeting agendas make your meetings 10 times better

Boost outcomes, minus the hustle

Enhance client experiences with AI-guided tasks- automatically surfaced based on your discussion. Think of it as extra horsepower without the heavy lifting.

Cut-to-the-chase meeting insights

Dive joins your virtual room, drafting notes and serving up easy-to-share summaries. No more post-meeting rush - key insights and next steps immediately land in client emails.

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Ready-to-go meeting recaps

Running from meeting to meeting and need to know who said what? No more searching through docs and emails. Dive keeps you one step ahead with meeting recaps sent to your favorite tools.

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Nail every step of the process

Dive makes sure your unique agency protocols, from agenda-setting to follow-ups, run like clockwork. Whether it’s pushing notes to Notion or sending post-meet summaries, Dive’s got your back.


Break the mold with the next-gen client meetings

1. Fire up your meeting
From the moment you start your Zoom or Google Meet, Dive's your personal assistant - taking notes, keeping track of tasks, and letting you focus on dazzling your clients.

2. Roll out those clear wrap-ups
Grab and share your meeting replay, transcript, quick summaries, and next steps without any delay.

3. Deliver top-notch client results
All of your meeting info is in a single source of truth. Share meeting transcripts, notes, and follow-up items in one place, for smooth and easy communication.

Know exactly what to talk about with AI generated meeting summary|Dive

Your agency’s co-pilot

Ever feel like you need an extra set of ears and eyes in your agency’s meetings? Dive's got you covered. Here's how:

1. Content brainstorming sessions

Grab every idea: You know those moments when ideas fly around? Dive's there, making sure none slip through. Later, you can sift through and pick the best ones.

2. Client feedback rounds

No feedback lost: Clients drop insights like casual comments. Dive ensures every bit is captured. It's like having a notepad that never runs out of pages.

3. Campaign performance review

Make sense of the stats: Crunching numbers and discussing metrics can be dense. But with Dive, you get a clearer picture, highlighting what worked and what needs tweaking.

4. Collaboration with influencers & partners

Keeping track of collabs: From influencer chats to partnership promises, Dive logs it all, so you're always on the same page, even if it's a virtual one.

5. SEO & PPC strategy meetings

Steering the strategy: Remembering every decision from previous SEO and PPC meetings? That’s Dive’s jam. It's like having a breadcrumb trail through the digital woods.

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