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Diving in with Rachana from TranZact

Learn how the HR team at TranZact drove accountability and engagement across the organization with Dive.

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About Tranzact & Rachana

Founded in 2017, TranZact is building India's first digitization software for 14+ million SMEs, manufacturers, & traders, empowering them by digitising business workflow right from sales to dispatch.

Rachana from the People team at TranZact shared with us how she and her team use Dive to drive accountability and engagement.

How did you first hear about Dive?

Our talent acquisition lead onboarded the TranZact team. I loved seeing all the ways you can use Dive to engage the team during onboarding. We started to get ideas on how we could engage people who are also working from home.

As when we dug a little deeper into Dive, we understood how we could even take notes, build meeting agendas, and create action items. So it became more than just a tool for engagement.

What problem were you facing before Dive?

We were not documenting anything during meetings. So, if someone told me a task, I wouldn't remember it, I would just make a note of it and forget where it was documented. We were missing a lot of notes during meetings. Maybe someone would take notes, or no one would take notes, but we weren’t collaborating…sometimes it was as if the meetings never happened.

How did Dive solve that problem?

Documentation is the most important thing that Dive did for us, just documenting everything. Now we know who is responsible for what. 

As a team, we have biweekly one-on-one meetings with every manager at our company. These meetings are specifically about what improvements they want in the company, in their team, and any kind of feedback.

With Dive, we can keep everything documented during these meetings, so when we come back together we can reflect and find solutions. Dive totally solved that for us. 

What are your main use cases for you personally?

I love using Dive to keep track of action items. During meetings I get tasks assigned to me, and Dive will send meeting recaps with the action items to my email. I made a label on my email account, and all my Dive meeting notes go into that label. I don’t have to keep searching for my tasks. I can go through it by day and see what the tasks assigned to me are. And then I get to work on those things.

What is your favourite part about Dive?

For me personally…I think my favourite part is the games! I love being able to engage with people. I can just call them and say, do you want to play bingo? Let's go. Or if it's just like, oh, I'm bored today - let's do something fun! So, I think it's definitely the games. Bingo is my favourite. 

Would you recommend Dive?

Yes, definitely! After Covid hit and when everything went virtual, it kind of got people thinking how they're going to drive engagement and culture. And that was a major challenge, driving engagement online, coming up with ideas. But just starting off your morning meetings with a game or using emojis or sounds - it really helps. I totally feel it's a great platform for bringing back culture.


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