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How the Dive Team Boosts Meeting Productivity with Dive

7 Ways the Dive Team Uses Dive to Engage Remote Employees

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The team at Dive is from all over the world—meet Shikha from London, Max from New York, Nitesh from Bangalore, Aditya – a digital nomad,…the list goes on! Many of us—including our founders—have also been working remotely for years. The biggest realisation? Real human connections > anything else.

You could say we were the cheerleaders of remote work culture before it was cool.

We built Dive to be THE space for remote teams, and we practice what we preach. Amidst time zone differences, we use Dive for our day-to-day tasks and slay them! If you’re a company that’s looking to go full-remote or are stuck trying to figure out the right way to create a strong remote culture, we’re here for you. Here are 7 ways how the Dive team uses Dive to engage remote employees.

1. Make a Great First Impression: Onboarding 😎

First impressions matter. That’s why building a strong one is our top-notch priority. Whether we’re onboarding a recent college graduate, a senior leader, or an intern, Dive’s got ice breakers, customisable get-to-know-you templates, and loads of other activities to facilitate a smooth introduction.

2. Goodbye Boring Meetings: Hello Fun Team Meetings 🤓

Be it weekly townhall or a quick catch-up, there’s a Dive session for every kind of meeting. We make it easy to customise each session with our favorite activities as a warm-up. It’s easy to ‘make it a ritual’ when scheduling meetings is a cake-walk.

3. Get it Done, Together: Seamless Brainstorming Sessions ✅

Should we write a blog, make a video, or a LinkedIn Post? Which medium are we posting on? Cracking the marketing game comes with many questions. Our team solves them all seamlessly while collaborating on the whiteboard without having to switch tabs or leave the session.

4. Instant Opinion Poll: Product Test and Trials

Everything that we develop to shape the ‘future of work’, we make them go through multiple rounds of feedback and iterations. Our polls feature makes it easier to keep a tally of the consensus in the room.

5. Work and Play Make Dive a Happy Team: Weekly Socials 🥂

Unwinding after a long week, hosting a quick poker party, or trivia night - we go from meetings to happy hours all in a click on the same platform! With a plethora of games and options, we don’t ponder over “how should we engage our team”, instead it’s more of a “let’s try this new game tonight!”

6. Beyond Job Descriptions: Team Bonding 🤙

We believe in bonding over common interests like the books we read, teams we support, cat or dog person, if we eat pineapple on pizza or not…you get the drift. That’s why we use our specially curated ‘Shuffle’ feature to meet people beyond their designated job roles. To help find your work BFF.

7. Congratulations & Celebrations: Milestone Parties 🎉

Every milestone - big or small, we host a grand party to celebrate them all. While there are the mighty project completion, dazzling work anniversaries, fun birthday parties, there are also wholesome farewell moments. We’ve created agendas and templates that help us celebrate every moment without having to worry about “what should we do”.

If you like what we do, we can enable this for you too!


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