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New in Dive: March Product Release Notes

We’ve added features that make it easier and faster to automate recurring meetings and save you time while building agendas. Here’s a look at what’s new at Dive.

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Add files to your Agenda

We just made your agendas a lot more actionable. Attach files to your agendas and notes for any participant to view and download. Keep your team on the same page during meetings by attaching documents, presentations, and images.

Don't worry about security - your notes, agendas, and anything you attach remain secure, as always.

How to add files to your agenda:

To add files to your agenda or notes, type “/” and select “Add file”. Choose the file you want to attach.

Automate agenda creation for recurring meetings

If you look at your calendar and see loads of recurring meetings - weekly team catch-ups, one-on-ones, daily stand-ups - this new feature is for you. Our latest feature allows you to automatically apply a specific template to every meeting in a series.

Now you can save time and increase efficiency by streamlining your meeting process. Say goodbye to creating a new agenda for every meeting, and focus on what matters - productive discussions.

You can always customize the template by adding more action items and activities to meet your needs.

How to use the same agenda template for recurring meetings:

Open up the meeting and select the “Templates” drop down, then select a template. You will be given the option to apply this template to only this meeting or all future meetings in the series.

Customize your default meeting template

Make every instant and last-minute meeting productive and time-efficient for your team. Our latest feature lets you set a meeting template as the default for every instant meeting. This means that every meeting will have a pre-made agenda to start with, which you can customize or use right away.

How to set a default meeting agenda:

Head to settings by clicking on your profile, then select the “Templates” tab. Click “Change Template” for your personal meetings, or for your workspace if you are the Admin.


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