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New On Dive: September Product Release Notes

All the exciting features we released this month, all in one place.

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You’ve heard the story of the bamboo plant and how it grows, right? 

How it sometimes takes upto three years to establish itself underground, but once it does it shoots up like anything? 🎋

Well, that’s been the state of product here at Dive. And now, we are only soaring upwards (and onwards)!

(G)Meet-ings, Now Effective Like Never Before!

Yeah, you read that correctly, so you don’t need to rub your eyes (side note: most doctors also recommend that you don't rub your eyes at any given point, generally speaking). But we digress, because Dive’s immensely powerful Chrome Extension is live & is breaking all usage records here at the HQ!

Here’s a quick 🖐️ 5 point overview of how the new extension levels up your meetings with just a single click:

  • Our auto-start feature allows you to get to agenda making & note taking in less than 30 seconds.
  • You can collaborate with any number of participants during your google meeting.
  • Auto-send notes & the meeting summary to all invitees, right after the meeting! ( bye-bye, M.O.Ms )
  • The extension also comes loaded with all of Dive’s interactive apps: polls, feedback, whiteboard, QnA, and more. Different setting, same old nostalgic charm.
  • Plus, you can now discuss, take and track action items, thus making sure that no meeting goes unclear.

…and wait, there is so much more. (but we’ll let you discover that one step at a time)! Try it for yourself & see (how) your meetings turn (more) meaningful!

Did we say “Action Items”? ✅

Haha! We did indeed. 

“I keep a minimum of 10 minutes after each meeting to recall all the actions that were discussed and put them up on Slack or Asana or wherever people use action items; but even then, it's all over the place & our meetings become less actionable,” - a complaint that’s been shared by many, many people.

Which is why we had to do something about it. Dive understood the user journey, their plight & the burning need to solve the problem, and we eventually figured a solution.

Drum rolls please, because we have Action Items 1.0 fully baked & ready to be hogged by you! Here’s how you do it:

  • Note down the Action Item on Dive during a meeting; be it on Zoom, Google Meet or any other platform of your choice.
  • Detail it as per your need: assign a due date, tag a person, the works.
  • See it automatically reflect on your Dashboard.

What’s more? 

Have you ever seen an action item and wondered - why did I have to “Speak to Ryan?” or “Schedule meeting with Niel?” - We completely get you!  Dive makes sure you don’t lose context. Here’s a quick snapshot:

Infact, just to prove a point, here’s an action item for you:

✅ Check out our new features today!

Question: “What if the person is not on my Team?” 🧐

Introducing Safe & Secure Guest Login! ✨

Having listened to 1000’s of teams who have 10,000+ meetings each week, we’ve gotten quite the hang of what people need in the meeting space.

Let’s face it. Meetings have multiple kinds of stakeholders: they could be internal, investors, consultants, etc. and more.

Each of these stakeholders need access to meetings, and as a host, you need to make sure you give the right permissions to the right folks. With all of that chalked into a matrix (that multiple partnering customers approved and gave feedback on), we released Guest Login beta for you to have seamless meetings, no matter who you want to invite!

Hacky Meeting Templates were so 2021 🦧

When we spoke with some of the most effective managers on how they conduct their meetings, we found out there was one crucial, common insight.

Irrespective of their style, they all have a specific format they follow: Meeting flows that they maintain in a place → make a new document every time → paste this format & conduct meetings! 👈

Funny story, a product manager actually told us his worst nightmare, “There are days when I am scared that I’ll end up accidentally deleting this format document and perpetually be doomed!”

We heard him & every other manager ever!

Templates on Dive are versatile, easy to apply, and super quick. No matter what meeting you are in, you can now apply a template that would make your meeting structured & fruitful - in less than ten seconds!

No more Slacking: Better Meetings, right from /Slack 🤖

/Dive your way to productive meetings, via our (upgraded) Slack Bot. How do we do so?

  • Start a new meeting agenda for any meeting
  • Add an agenda to your upcoming meetings
  • Check your action items & update them!

That’s not enough though, because the ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution doesn’t work here. Each team, and each manager over time, has found structures that work best for them! We respect (and empower) that, which is why Dive allows you to create & save custom templates for your team.

You can start from scratch or take any meetings template & save. 

Like we say, it’s easy-peasy. 🍋

Increased Visibility & Alignment from the get go 📅

Share meeting agenda & notes with all invitees and never worry about whether they got the memo or not! The very second that you add an agenda to Dive, your calendar event gets updated & provides access to all your invitees without bothering them with unnecessary notifications (read: spam)!

Phew! That was quite something, huh?

We’d recommend that you catch-up on this as soon as you can, because we have a lot more that’s in the pipeline. Be on the lookout for Search, Meetings threads, Integrations and a whole bunch of exciting features coming your way! 🥲

Thank you for reading!

Happy Non-Draining Meetings to You! 🤝


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