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Remote work

Why We Love Remote Work

The Dive Tribe shares how remote work became the cupid in their love stories.

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Hold on…this isn’t another commercial pitch to buy something “that’ll wow your partner”. We know you must be already inundated with a lot! Wouldn’t you agree that Valentine's day is all about celebrating love? Not just romantic love but affection towards friends, family, our little rituals, pets, and occasions that make us feel loved. 

That’s why today, we’re here to slow down.✨ To celebrate and cherish love.✨ Look back at how remote work has made it possible to spend more time with our loved ones. A dream come true!

Here are some of our favorite stories from the people at Dive.

All these love stories — with a partner, hobby, self, pets, friends — made possible with remote work.

That’s why 23 million employees are up for relocating if they’re given an option to work from home permanently. Additionally, a new Miro and YouGov study reveals 47% of users responded the #1 reason for relocation being “to be closer to family and friends”

Remote work helped us all figure out how to do the job we love while staying closer to the people we love. It’s time to now build a remote work culture that fosters this relationship.

This Valentine’s Day, let’s make love possible. Bring people, culture, and remote work together. ❤️

With Love,

Dive ✨ Your team's virtual and— human—space.

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