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The Best Holiday Party Ideas for a Remote Team

Learn how to bring holiday cheer to every online meeting with Dive's meeting engagement features.

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6 Ways To Have a Remote Holiday

Ho Ho Ho!

Our team at Dive just got off a call with the folks at the North Pole. The elves and reindeers let us in on a secret that all you want for Christmas is a…break from mundane virtual celebrations. 

The good news is, you’re on Santa’s good list! That’s why your Christmas present is here early.🎁 You want an end-of-year celebration that’s personal, engaging, and helps create better relationships with remote team members? You got it! 

We’re talking GIFs, holiday cheer, themed games – as if you’re sitting together next to a Christmas tree. 🎄

Let’s Dive into holiday mode!

Deck meeting rooms with festive bling ✨

’Tis the season to sparkle, so why shouldn't we add some to our meetings? Dive rooms have got the vibe check right. All you have to do is get your teams together and start the celebration! 

Jingle all the way 🎵

Make your own Christmas carol using Dive’s audio options – party horn, drums, air horn - you get the drift. If you’re feeling competitive, may we suggest an inter-team carol competition?

Express through GIFs 🎊

Ready to show how strong your GIF game is? Be it your secret Santa reveal, looking back at the year, sharing stories - we have the perfect GIF to show your team members how you feel.  

Select a theme for any occasion 🎉

End-of-year reflection, NYE soirée, project completion - we’ve got themes & agendas to make every occasion memorable. You can also create your own! 

Play Christmas & NYE games 🎲

We’ve got your favorite holiday-themed games like 2 Truths and a Lie, Pictionary,

Truth or Dare, and more. Bring your teams together, draw snow angels, build a snowman...whatever’s your jam, create some festive memories. (Psst...we also have a YouTube Watch party feature) 

Let your hair down…we got this 🥳

Our experienced hosts will join your celebrations and help you end the year in style. We’ll bring games, holiday cheer, stories, and SO much more! 

This holiday season, add some magic to the mundane.


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