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Remote is here to rule.

With access to the best talent from around the world, work happening round the clock, and productivity skyrocketing, companies just love being remote.

And, fast-growing companies around the world have started adopting this "new way of working"

"Employees might never come back to the office, and Twitter is leading the charge." - Washington Post

This sudden shift has got tables turning.

Companies are slowly but truly realizing that focusing on culture is as important, if not more important, than focusing on productivity.

More employees around the world complain of isolation, lack of trust, and disassociated teams.

How do you keep your people happy? How do you help them trust each other? And how do you keep them engaged and charged up for teamwork?

That's why we built Dive.

Imagine if you could build a remote work environment that is people-first. Where there is trust, togetherness, and comfort to talk to anyone.

With access to a social space that is easy-to-use, fast, and delightful. That is a platform that has everything that makes a dream team stick together and work well together.

Simply put, a social space where remote teams meet bond.

And, imagine if you could do all of this at the cost of your Starbucks order for the team.

That's Dive for you.

Being a team of remote enthusiasts, working remotely for over 6 years, we realized that human connections and social relationships drive more value to the organization than anything else. And that's what we set out to solve.

Dive is THE space for remote teams to socialize.

You can bond with your team, connect over common ideas, have conversations, play games, watch videos, learn and do other fun things TOGETHER.

On Dive, you can interact with each other over a video interface that doesn't remind you of work. Engage and truly enjoy every conversation using GIFs, emojis, and sounds. Onboard new people, or strengthen existing relationships. Get on drop-in chats with groups in one click, switch between rooms, play games, learn together, and choose from hundreds of activities designed for remote teams.

Dive is easy, interactive, and fun to use. It's beautiful and seamless built with love — for remote workers by remote workers.

If Zoom is your company's conference room, then Dive is your cafe, park bench, and ping pong table. Dive helps people love what they do with people who they love!

Strengthen your existing social relationships or build new ones on Dive.

Are you ready to Dive in?


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