Your meetings on autopilot with AI.

Get ready to crush meetings with Dive’s AI assistant: automated notes, seamless summaries, and action items made easy.

AI generated objectives and action items|Dive

Works where you work

Optimize meetings like it’s someone's job

Let Dive do the heavy lifting by automating meeting prep, discussions, and follow-up - so you can focus on smashing goals.


Focus on discussing, not multitasking

Embrace collaboration and let automated note-taking handle the details.

Track action items & progress automatically

Make every meeting effortlessly actionable with AI-generated summaries and action items.

Capture every key insight without lifting a finger

No more scrambling to find key decision or discussion - every meeting is easily searchable.

Get superpowers. For every meeting.

Meeting prep made easy

Start with expert-built meeting agenda templates. Dive reviews the previous meeting's notes and gathers inputs effortlessly.

Generated your meeting agenda with AI|Dive

Your notetaker in every meeting

Dive seamlessly integrates with your Meet and Zoom meetings. Keep it in the background or open the Dive tab to collaborate on notes and agendas.

Boost productivity with AI action items

Enhance meetings with AI-generated action items, making them more actionable and efficient without added effort.

Effortless meeting insights

Focus on what truly matters. Dive attends your meetings, takes insightful notes, and prepares a shareable summary for you.

Inbox-ready recaps

Meeting recaps sent straight to your team's inbox, automatically summarizing your meetings with action items so you don't have to.


Meetings solved in 30 seconds. 

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Start a meeting 

Open up your meeting in Zoom or Google Meet, start recording with Dive, and let the magic begin!

Find your notetaker in your meeting
Live AI generated objectives from an online meeting|Dive
Send out summaries 

Access and share your meeting recording, transcript, summary, and action items right after your meeting ends. 

Choose who to share notes with
AI generated meeting notes for reflection|Dive
Get more done 

Keep track of action items in Dive or share to existing tools - then get to checking them off! 

Centralized meetings notes and action items
Completed AI generated action items|Dive
50,000+ meetings and counting..

What our users say about Dive

“Dive gave my team a much-needed productivity jolt. Meetings used to suck before Dive. Now every meeting has nice and detailed action items.”

Daniel LAW
VP, Product @Guidepoint

“I’m not exaggerating when I say this: Dive has saved me several hundred hours of work this past year. "

Rafael Ugolini,
Engineering manager @collibra

Dive's AI features are just INSANE. With Dive, I can focus on the conversations and not taking meeting notes. ”

Ravish Naresh,
CEO @khatabook

Integrated with your workflow

Access your summaries and tasks right in your existing tools like Google Docs, Notion, and ClickUp.


Enterprise-grade security that you can count on.

Dive is committed to securing your important information and
ensuring the privacy of every user, so that you can focus on hosting the most productive meetings.
Our platform regularly performs penetration testing, is committed to GDPR compliance, and is SOC2, ISO, and HIPPA certified.

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Discover the most common questions.

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How do I get started with Dive AI?

Click here to get access to our beta program. Then create an account, download the Dive extension, and get to meeting. 

How much does Dive AI cost?

For now, Dive AI is available to trial for free through our beta access program.

Can I use Dive AI with my whole team?

Absolutely! Dive is built to be used in single or multiplayer mode. 😊 Boost productivity across your whole team by inviting them to join you on Dive. 

What kind of meetings is Dive for?

Dive is made for any meeting - from 1-1’s, to team meetings, to customer facing meetings, to company town halls.

Are my meeting notes secure?

100%. Dive is committed to keeping all of your data secure and is SOC2, ISO, and HIPPA certified.

Can Dive integrate with our tool?

Absolutely! We can build a custom integration for an additional cost. Feel free to reach out learn more.

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