Put your meetings on autopilot with AI.

Get ready to crush meetings with Dive’s AI assistant: killer notes, effortless summaries, and action items on autopilot.

Dive meeting assistance makes your meeting 10 times better

Optimize meetings like it’s someone's job

Dive saves you time by automating meeting prep, discussions, and follow-up - so you can focus on meeting your goals.

Focus on discussing, not multitasking

With automated note-taking, your team can focus on collaboration and brainstorming - not typing down every last word.

Track action items & progress automatically

Make every meeting effortlessly actionable with an AI-generated meeting summaries and action items.

Capture every key insight without lifting a finger

Never forget another key decision or discussion. With auto-generated transcripts and summaries, every discussion becomes easily searchable.

Works where you work

Get superpowers. For your every meeting.

Automated meeting prep

Start with expert-crafted meeting agenda templates. Look at the last meeting’s notes and collect inputs automatically.

Generated your meeting agenda with AI|Dive

Your notetaker is there in every meeting.

Dive automatically joins your Meet and Zoom meetings. Leave it in the background or open up the Dive tab to collaborate on notes and agenda.

Benefits of Dive Notetaker|Dive

Automated Meeting Summaries

You have better things to do than take meeting minutes and keep track of who said what. Dive joins your meetings, astutely takes notes, and generates a ready-to-send summary.

AI meeting summary with Dive notetakes|Dive

AI Generated Action Items

Make the most of every meeting When everyone knows the next steps, your projects get done faster. Make meetings more actionable with a list of action items, generated by AI. Boost efficiency with zero extra effort.

Implemented AI action items|Dive

Automated meeting recaps

Get meeting recaps sent straight to your team's inbox - automatically summarizing your meetings with action items so you don't have to.

AI generated quick hangout featured|Dive

Easy-to-access memory for your meetings

Never lose track of key decisions or insights. With Dive’s searchable database, all of your meetings are at your fingertips.

Search feature with Dive Meeting Assistant

Your data is always secure

Dive is committed to keeping all of your data secure and is SOC2, ISO, and HIPPA certified.

Integrate with your workflow

Access your summaries and tasks right in your existing tools like Google Docs, Notion, and ClickUp.


How do I get started with Dive AI?

Click here to get access to our beta program. Then create an account, download the Dive extension, and get to meeting.

What kind of meetings is Dive for?

 Dive is made for any meeting - from 1-1’s, to team meetings, to customer facing meetings, to company town halls.

Can I use Dive AI with my whole team?

Absolutely! Dive is built to be used in single or multiplayer mode 😊Boost productivity across your whole team by inviting them to join you on Dive.

How much does Dive AI cost?

For now, Dive AI is available to trial for free through our beta access program.