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As easy as click, click, Zoom

All it takes is 30 seconds to elevate any  meeting. Add Dive to Zoom and enjoy customisable templates, timed agendas, and easy action items all at your fingertips.

Take control with our timed agenda

Step #1 to banishing bad meetings: start with a great agenda. With Dive for Zoom, you can quickly choose a template, build an outline, and allocate time for each part of your event.

Collaborate without ever leaving Zoom

Dive comes fully loaded with over 100 useful apps, like Whiteboard and Polls, that help you to work more efficiently without toggling between multiple windows.

Never miss another action item

Capture all your notes and action items in Dive. Post-meeting, you’ll receive an emailed recap with everything documented, making follow-ups and follow-throughs a breeze.

Think outside the Zoom box

Dive will have you rethinking what's possible on a Zoom call. Meetings are much less square when games like Draw Party and Two Truths, One Lie are added to the mix.

Teams showed 90% more engagement using Dive than on a standard Zoom call.