Daily Standup Meeting Template

What’s a daily standup meeting?

Daily standups are integral for the functioning of  high performance teams. The intent of a daily standup meeting (also called a ‘scrum’) is to help find problems quickly. Since they are of short duration, it’s crucial to ensure that everyone on the team stays focused and on track.

Why is a daily standup meeting important?

Daily standups meetings help get everyone on the same page, remove roadblocks and develop a sense of trust across the team. They are a quick way to solve problems and make iterations together.

How does a daily standup work…

Step #1: Start with a quick recap (05 mins)

Ask each member of the daily standup this: ‘What have they accomplished since the previous daily standup?’

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Input your updates in advance to avoid wasting time during the meeting.

Step #2: Highlight the blockers (05 mins)

Ask each member of the daily standup this: ‘What’s a blocker that’s preventing you from finishing a task?’

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Use our Polls app to ask the right questions. This will help people open up about their roadblocks. Here are some questions that you can try: What is the biggest roadblock in your week? Where would you like some support?
Step #3: Set out your next steps (05 mins)

Ask each member of the daily standup this: ‘What do they plan to accomplish before the next daily standup?’

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Use Dive’s recap email to send out individual notes and action items at the end of a meeting.

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