First Team Meeting Template

Explore the importance of a first team meeting and learn how to kick-start collaboration, establish goals, and foster a productive working environment. Gain insights on effective communication strategies and team dynamics for successful teamwork.

What’s a  first team meeting?

When a company introduces a new manager, it's important for them to learn about their new team. By learning their strengths and weaknesses, a manager can optimise their team's talents to ensure a successful work environment.

Why is the first team meeting important?

The first meeting between a manager and their team helps establish relationships. The manager understands their employee's experience, goals and preferred work environment. Simultaneously, team members can learn more about their managing style and work ethics.

How does the first team meeting template work…

Step #1: Break the ice (05 mins)

First meetings can always be tough. You want to align everyone and build rapport. Most importantly, you want to start off on the right foot.

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Use our Polls app to ask icebreaker questions that put people at ease: What’s your favourite genre of music? What’s your ideal thing to do on a weekend? If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Step #2: Introduce yourselves (10 mins)

You can’t work with someone without getting to know them. Introduce yourself first: why you joined the company, what have you done, your hobbies and your passions. Go around the table and ask everyone to do the same.

Step #3: Enquire about the status (10 mins)

What kind of projects have we done until now? What are the ongoing projects? Were there any big learnings from them?

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Set up a quick one-on-one meeting with the previous manager before they transition out. But it’s good to get bottoms up inputs too!
Step #4: Address the biggest issues (15 mins)

Use this as an opportunity to get feedback from the team. Find out how you can support them. Here are a few insightful questions to go with:

  • Where are we stuck today?
  • Are you worried about any projects?
  • Which roadblocks can be removed to work faster?
  • Do you have all the resources you need to work?
  • Do you need support from any other team?
Step #5: Align, align and align (05 mins)

Your internal processes and frameworks can make or break the team’s success. Align everyone on the best way to communicate with you (and as a team).

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Ask them how often they would like to meet for 1-1’s and team meetings. Find out how frequently you can review goals together.
Step #6: End with a quick AMA (05 mins)

Remember: Q&A’s make meetings collaborative and inclusive.  You’re helping the team open up to new perspectives (and align them with yours).

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Ask your team to send questions in advance. You can then come prepared to the meeting.


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