Marketing Team Meeting Template

Explore the significance of marketing team meetings in driving effective collaboration and alignment within a marketing department. Discover how these meetings facilitate idea sharing, strategy coordination, and decision-making, ultimately leading to optimized marketing initiatives and successful outcomes.

What’s a marketing team meeting?

The concept of marketing team meetings is pretty straightforward - provide opportunities for marketing teams to come together and align on goals. Since marketing at its core is about understanding people - clear communication is crucial in making sure plans are executed systematically.

Why is the marketing team meeting important?

Marketing team meetings help get everyone on the same page, remove roadblocks and develop a sense of trust across the team. They are a quick way to solve marketing problems and make iterations together.

How does a marketing team meeting work…

Step #1: Review the metrics (05 mins)

Start off by putting all the relevant metrics in the agenda. This gives the team a clear benchmark for the rest of the discussion. Use this time to talk about the overall health of your marketing operations. You can focus on individual distribution channels next.

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Stay away from qualitative stuff and focus on things that matter: Website visits, conversion % from visit to sign up, email marketing click rates, blended customer acquisition rates.

Step #2: Team updates and announcements (15 mins)

This is when you let individual team members shine. Create a set time for each person to share their updates. These could be challenges they faced over the week, goals they’ve accomplished, or even a success story. It’s their show to run.

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Here are some great questions to try: What is the channel’s CAC? Is it coming down? How many customers did the channel see? What is the conversion rate?
Step #3: Celebrate the wins (10 mins)

What worked for your team? Were any special milestones accomplished? Let each team member contribute to this discussion. Marketing is a very iterative science. Focusing on successful projects is an important piece of the puzzle. 

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Celebrating wins in your weekly team meeting is a great way to keep employee morale high. Give credit where credit is due!
Step #4: Discuss the roadblocks (05 mins)

Get team members to list down issues they are facing with projects. Are any priorities blocked or dependent on other work being completed? How can they unblock each other to unlock maximum productivity? Create an environment where the team feels comfortable having these conversations.

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: You can treat these as important action items that can be highlighted in the minutes of the meeting.
Step #5: Summarise, summarise and summarise (05 mins)

Try to make this step as action-oriented as you can. Make sure everyone is on the same page and that each person knows what they need to do next. End with a quick summary of the meeting (and any insights that might have come out of it) and set up action items to follow through. 


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