Quarterly Review Meeting Template

Understand the significance of quarterly review meetings in business. Explore how they assess performance, evaluate goals, and strategize for the upcoming quarter to drive growth and success.

What’s a quarterly review meeting?

Quarterly business reviews cover the company’s short term goals and outline actions to achieve them. They are typically held after each three month period. It's not necessary to hold the meeting on the first day of the quarter.

Why is a quarterly review meeting agenda important?

A quarterly review meeting is a great way to realign your team towards the company’s vision. It helps adopt a bird’s eye perspective, review the past and plan for the future.

How does a quarterly review meeting agenda work…

Step #1: Review the last quarter (15 mins)

Don’t forget to review the previous quarter. Use it to celebrate success and review failures. Learn from what’s happened in the past. Here are a few questions you can try:

  • What was the biggest win from the previous quarter?
  • Which metric were you able to move really well?
  • What was the top thing that the team did together?
Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Schedule the meeting at least two weeks in advance. It gives everyone enough time to come prepared for the meeting. Remember to also share project reviews and business metrics.

Step #2: Set team goals for the coming quarter (45 mins)

Create a project roadmap for the next quarter by assigning team goals. Make better decisions by asking if the goal is SMART - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound?

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: If something worked, can it be replicated? Crowdsource insights and action items from the entire team.

Step #3: Set individual goals (25 mins)

Break down the previous step  to translate them into individual roadmaps. Go around the room to start discussing SMART goals for everyone.

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: If someone’s role seems fuzzy, park it on the side for now. You can always set up a 1-1 meeting with them to finalise their goals, but don’t forget to update the team later.

Step #4: Summarize with action items (05 mins)

Do a quick recap of the goals and check if everything is in order. Make a list of pending action items and necessary follow ups. Send out the minutes of the meeting with the essential action items!

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Quarterly review meetings tend to get sidetracked by smaller discussions. It’s your role to keep the agenda flowing.

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