Weekly Status Report Meeting Template

Discover the benefits of a weekly status report meeting and how it enhances communication, transparency, and accountability within teams. Learn effective strategies for sharing progress, addressing challenges, and ensuring project alignment during these regular update sessions.

What’s a weekly status report meeting?

A weekly status report meeting brings together every member of the team for end-of-the-week updates.

Why is the weekly status report meeting important?

A weekly status report meeting helps everyone plan their most important activities and goals for the week. It’s a great way to get everyone on the same page.

How does a weekly status report meeting work…

Step #1: What did you work on? (05 mins)

Get your team to list down their biggest achievements and failures from the past week. This is not about documenting every small task, but rather focusing on high level activities.

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Make your questions specific. It keeps the conversation more aligned and impactful in the short amount of time allotted.
Step #2: Plans for the coming week? (05 mins)

Encourage your team to write about what they want to achieve and work on over the next week.

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Don’t waste important meeting time by asking everyone to read their bullet points. Those should be sent in advance, and use the meeting to only discuss important talking points. 
Step #3: What is your biggest learning? (05 mins)

Get everyone to strategize and understand why something worked and something did not. Share your personal insights with everyone.

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: Make sure that your template has space to highlight learnings and failures for everyone’s benefit. 
Step #4: Appreciate the help (02 mins)

A little gratitude goes a long way. Remember: no project gets done alone. Use this as an opportunity to recognise people’s good work!

Dive’s Pro Meeting Tip: You can also use this time to highlight important action items that are stuck on each other. It helps remove roadblocks and ensure all projects are moving ahead with full steam!

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