/dive into action
from Slack

Bond with your Slack members and stay on top of Dive sessions using
Dive's Slack integration. Start a Dive room, get notified, and import your
team members from Slack.

Man surfing emoji

Dive your way
from Slack

Start a Dive session from Slack. /dive
automatically posts an active Dive room link for anyone to join from Slack or creates a new room if there is no active room.

Screenshot of slack bot usage showing how one can start a dive room from within slack.
Slack bot messaging you that Melissa wants to Dive with you.

Nudge 'em at
their fingertips

Send nudges to your peers on Slack
right from within Dive. And receive Slack
nudges whenever someone wants to
hang out with you.

"Channel" your
way to fun

Link a Slack channel to a Dive room
to notify and stay notified on Slack
of everything happening in the room.

Slack bot posts updates about activities in a room, e.g. Max and Jason joined Friday Socials room. Max and Jason are playing Poker in Friday Socials room.

Bring your Slack
squad along

Import your Slack team members
to Dive to engage and bond with them.

Dive in through Slack!

Dive in for a FUNtastic time with your team!