Virtual Townhall meeting software

Townhall meeting software to bring the whole team together

With Dive, host company-wide meetings that boost engagement and enhance alignment through collaborative agendas and interactive apps.

13,000+ teams host great meetings with Dive

Boost interaction with built-in engagement apps

Boring town halls are a thing of the past. Engage every team member with apps like Whiteboard and Polls. Use sound reactions and emojis to amplify exciting announcements.


Expert-built templates to run townhalls with ease

Take the guesswork out of running the perfect meetings. Choose from our library of meeting templates for the perfect agenda to use and activities to run.

our belief

Virtual town halls need a fresh approach

When you bring the whole team together, it’s important to make the time count.

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Inclusive and open to all

Gather opinions from everyone and encourage an open space with 50+ apps.

Collaborative agenda creation

Work across departments to build an agenda that covers all the bases.

Post-meeting follow up

Meeting notes are automatically sent to participants post-town hall.

Get through the agenda with time to spare

Block our time for every talking point with the agenda editor, and stay on track of time with the built-in timer. When townhalls end on time and on track - everyone wins.

We literally wrote the guide on conducting virtual townhalls

We researched 20+ softwares and chatted with dozens of top CEOs and HR leaders to help you run stellar large meetings with real insights from the experts.

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