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Tired of no engagement in your town halls?

Dive helps you run large team meetings that are lively, inclusive and easy to manage.

25,000+ teams host great meetings with Dive

Spark some energy

Start with quick Icebreakers

Most town halls end up being monologues. Empower and nudge everyone to participate by playing 5 minute Icebreakers. These are also a great way for people to get to know each other.

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Meeting apps

Polls, Announcements and more..

PPTs are oh so, boring. Keep the dialogue going with our fun & engaging apps. Use them to collaborate on virtual whiteboards, take opinions from the team and announce important news in a fun way.

Easy set up

Curated agenda templates to get you started

Setting up an agenda that is inclusive, collaborative and focused on time bound can be tricky. We got you.

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our belief

Virtual town halls need a fresh approach

Are boring Zoom calls with 3x3 square boxes for each attendee really the answer? We disagree.

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Inclusive town halls

Allow everyone to share opinions. Even the introverts.

Collaborative agenda creation

Work together to create agenda. Not just the CEO giving monologues.

Respectful of time

Come prepared, start on time, stay on track and end on time.

Always end on time

Agenda timers to keep town halls sane

Our easy to use agenda editor helps you time block every talking point. Which helps keep conversations concise and sessions end on time.

We literally wrote the guide on conducting virtual townhalls

We researched 20+ softwares that can help you do large meetings like townhalls. And talked to org leaders like CEOs and HRs to get you real insights from the ground.

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