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7 Tips for Better Video Interviews

Boost your video interview skills with our top 7 tips, covering everything from tech checks to body language, ensuring a successful virtual interview.

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What is a Video Interview?

A video interview is like a traditional in-person interview, but it's conducted over a video platform such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, or Teams. It's like a virtual coffee shop where job candidates and potential employers meet to discuss career opportunities. 

This type of interview has become increasingly popular due to the rise of remote work and the limitations of video calls. It's an essential part of the hiring process, especially for remote positions.

In a video interview, the interviewer and candidate interact in real time, or in some cases, it can be a pre-recorded video interview. The latter is like a selfie video where you answer pre-scripted digital interview questions. 

Regardless of the format, video interviews require preparation, a quiet space, a good internet connection, and a device with a camera, like a laptop or mobile phone.

A video interview in progress

Photo by Julia M Cameron

Benefits of Video Interviews

Video interviews are like the superheroes of the hiring process, swooping in to save the day in our increasingly digital world. They're the Batman of efficiency, saving precious time that would otherwise be spent on commuting or coordinating schedules. 

No need to worry about traffic jams or delayed trains - with video interviews, candidates and employers can connect from anywhere, anytime.

They're also the Superman of cost-effectiveness, reducing travel expenses that can add up quickly. Whether it's gas for your car, tickets for public transportation, or even plane fares for long-distance opportunities, video interviews cut these costs down to zero. It's a win-win situation for both job seekers and companies alike.

Video interviews also have the power of the Flash, allowing for a wider reach in the job search. They break down geographical barriers, enabling companies to find the best talent no matter where they're located, and allowing candidates to apply for their dream jobs even if they're in another city or country.

But it's not just about the practical benefits. Video interviews also provide a comfortable distance for the candidates, allowing them to interview from the comfort of their homes, away from the intimidating atmosphere of a real interview room. It's like having a protective shield, like Wonder Woman's, that helps candidates feel more at ease and perform their best.

Another superpower of video interviews is the ability to rewatch and analyze the interview. This is especially true for pre-recorded video interviews. It's like having a replay button for your job interview, allowing both the candidate and the interviewer to review the conversation, reflect on the responses, and make better, more informed decisions. It's the equivalent of Spiderman's spider-sense, providing an extra layer of insight that can make all the difference in the hiring process.

So, in the world of job hunting and talent acquisition, video interviews truly are the superheroes we need. They make the process faster, cheaper, and more efficient, all while helping everyone involved make the best possible decisions.

Video Interviews that are Effective

Photo by Julia M Cameron

Preparation for Video Interviews

Preparing for a video interview is like getting ready for a public speaking event. It requires research, practice, and setting up the right environment. Research the company, understand the job description, and prepare answers to common interview questions. It's like studying for an exam where the questions are based on your career and the potential employer.

Research the Company

Researching the company is like going on a treasure hunt. You're looking for key pieces of information that will help you understand the company's culture, key figures, and goals. This knowledge will not only help you answer questions but also show the interviewer that you're genuinely interested in the company.

Prepare Answers to Common Questions

Preparing answers to common interview questions is like rehearsing for a play. You need to know your lines, but also be ready to improvise. Practice your answers, but also be prepared to adapt them based on the actual interview conversation.

Choose an Appropriate Outfit

Choosing an appropriate outfit for a video interview is as important as for an in-person interview. Even though the interviewer might only see your upper chest and face, dressing professionally helps set the right mindset. It's like wearing a superhero costume - it can give you an extra boost of confidence.

In conclusion, video interviews are an essential part of today's hiring process. With the right preparation, they can be a powerful tool for both job seekers and employers. So, take a deep breath, prepare well, and ace that video interview!

Test Your Technology & Internet Connection

Testing your technology and internet connection before a video interview is like doing a soundcheck before a concert. You want to make sure everything is working perfectly to avoid any technical glitches that could hit a sour note during your performance. 

This includes checking your internet speed, ensuring your video platform (like Google Meet or Zoom) is working, and making sure your laptop screen or cell phone is set up correctly.

Remember, a bad connection can turn your interview into a game of charades, and trust me, that's not the kind of game you want to play during a job interview!

Find a Suitable Location & Neutral Background

Finding a suitable location with a neutral background for your video interview is like setting the stage for a play. You want a quiet space that's free from distractions, where you can focus on your performance. 

A neutral background, like a plain wall or a professional backdrop, can help keep the interviewer's attention on you, not on your dirty laundry or the coffee shop crowd behind you.

Ensure You Have Enough Light Source

Ensuring you have enough light sources for your video interview is like setting up the lighting for a photoshoot. You want to be clearly visible, with no shadows hiding your face. Natural light is best, but if that's not possible, a well-placed lamp or even a selfie ring light can do the trick. Remember, you want to shine in your interview, both literally and figuratively!

Reduce Background Noises & Distractions

Reducing background noises and distractions during your video interview is like editing out the bloopers in a movie. You want to present a polished, professional image, and that means eliminating anything that could interrupt the flow of the conversation. 

This could mean turning off notifications on your phone, asking others in your home to keep quiet, or choosing a time of day when your surroundings are naturally quieter.

During the Video Interview

During the video interview, it's showtime! This is when you need to make eye contact with the camera lens, maintain positive facial expressions and body language, and show enthusiasm for the role and company. 

It's like being on stage - you want to engage your audience (in this case, the interviewer) and give a memorable performance.

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Technical Difficulties with Video Interviews

Technical difficulties with video interviews are like unexpected plot twists in a movie. They can throw you off balance, but how you handle them can make a big difference. If you experience internet lag or other issues, stay calm, explain the situation to the interviewer, and try to resolve the problem quickly. 

If all else fails, suggest rescheduling or switching to a phone interview. Remember, even the best technology can have off days, so don't let it rattle you!


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