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10 Must-Have Features to Look for in a Meeting Notes App | Dive

Say goodbye to scattered notes and hello to streamlined meetings with the top meeting notes apps on the market. Discover the 10 must-have features to look for in the perfect app for meeting notes.

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It's trouble to keep track of the details and next steps that come up in meetings, because taking notes and writing down important decisions made in team or company meetings can be hard.

With our list of the best meeting notes software, you'll have the tools to make your virtual meetings more productive, record details in real time, and be the source of truth for your team.

So, let's explore some software for 2023 that will help you take the best meeting notes and take your meetings to the next level!

Meeting notes and meeting minutes

Meeting minutes and meeting notes are both records of what happens at a meeting, but they are used for different things and have different formats.

How both differ

Meeting notes are like a brief summary of what was discussed during a meeting. They usually include topics that were talked about, decisions that were made, and any actions that need to be taken. They're great for keeping track of the main points covered in a meeting.

On the other hand, meeting minutes are a more formal and detailed record of what happened during a team meeting. They contain information such as the date, time, and location of the meeting, a list of attendees, any approvals or decisions that were made, and a summary of the discussions that took place. They're a great way to keep an official record of everything that happened during a meeting.

Take meeting notes in teams

It is important to talk about the process before, during, and after the meeting. With the right way to take notes, you can take your meetings to the next level and ensure all the important information is written down and followed up on.

Let's briefly touch on how you can do that.

Before meeting

Taking effective meeting notes starts before the meeting even begins. Here are some tips to prepare for note-taking in Teams:

  • Review the meeting agenda.
  • Invite a co-notetaker.
  • Prepare your tool for taking notes.

During the meeting

Here are some tips for taking notes during a Teams meeting:

  • Pay attention
  • Use a clear and consistent format for your notes, such as bullet points or numbered lists.
  • Jot down any action items discussed during the meeting.

After meeting

After the meeting, it's important to review and share your meeting notes to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Spend some time going over your notes and making changes.
  • Show them to the people at the meeting.
  • Follow up on any ideas for action items that were brought up at the meeting.

Information needed for effective meeting notes

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Not all meeting notes are created equal. To make sure that your meeting notes are useful, you should try to write down certain things. Some of them are:

Key details

The first thing to include in your remote meeting notes is the key points discussed. This might consist of important information about projects, updates on tasks or initiatives, or even ideas for new products or services. By writing down the most important points, you will have a record of what was talked about and can look back on it later.

Action items

These are the tasks or next steps that team members need to do that were talked about at the meeting. When you write down action items in your meeting notes, everyone will know what to do and when to do it.


By writing down the ideas in your meeting notes, you'll have a record of the creative and innovative ideas that were talked about and can go back to them if you ever need to.

What makes the best meeting notes?

Effective meeting notes can help you and your team stay on track, understand critical takeaways, and remember action items. Here are some key elements to consider when choosing a meeting notes tool:

Easy to use

The best meeting notes tools should be easy to use and intuitive. You don't want to spend more time figuring out how to use the tool than taking notes during the meeting.

Rich formats

Look for a tool that lets you add rich formatting, such as bullet points, headings, and images, to help you organize information and make everything easier to read.

Collaboration with team members

Taking meeting notes should be a group effort. Choose a tool that lets you share notes with your team and work on them at the same time so that everyone in the meeting is on the same page.

Integration with other apps

Think about using a tool for taking meeting notes that works with other apps, like your calendar, or a tool for managing projects. This can help simplify your work and make it easier to stay organized and on top of tasks.


Best meeting notes software for 2023 - Review

Source: Pexels

1. Dive

Dive is a platform designed to help remote and hybrid teams improve their meetings and enhance collaboration.

To increase productivity and decrease isolation, Dive offers a variety of features to help teams take control of their meetings and create a positive environment.

Dive's focus on making meetings more productive and interactive is reinforced by their real-time note-taking, automated follow-up on action items, and meeting minutes templates that keep the team on track. With Dive, teams can make every meeting actionable, assign and track action items in real-time, and stay focused on what matters.

2. nTask

nTask is a project management tool that covers the entire project life cycle from initiation to closure.

It has a meeting management module that allows users to create and organize meetings with important details such as meeting date, duration, location, and agenda. With the Zoom integration, nTask generates a link for participants to access the meeting location.

3. MeetingBooster

MeetingBooster is a meeting minutes app that aims to organize, formalize, and structure meeting minutes to streamline the process and procedure.

MeetingBooster provides organization for notes before, during, and after the meeting, allowing users to schedule and prepare for the meeting beforehand and assign action items to different individuals during the meeting.

4. Hypercontext

Hypercontext is a meeting note and agenda app designed for managers. It allows users to organize meeting agendas and notes, and track meeting minutes, assigned responsibilities, and action items. The meeting notes and discussion points are saved for future reference.

Hypercontext offers integrations with other software and tools, including Google Calendar, MS Teams, and Slack, to streamline workflow and processes.

5. MeetingSense

MeetingSense is a collaborative meeting management tool that enables teams to manage and share meeting information, including relevant action items. The software offers a standardized meeting structure, which is claimed to increase overall business productivity.

6. Nuclino

Nuclino is a team collaboration platform that integrates all knowledge, documents, and projects in one workspace. One of its many features is the ability to organize, share, and collaborate on meeting notes.

Nuclino's real-time collaboration feature allows meeting notes to be worked on simultaneously, with all changes automatically saved and recorded in the version history. The platform also has a drag-and-drop editor, making creating and editing notes easy.

7. Beenote

Beenote enables you to have more structured meetings by allowing you to prepare meeting agendas in advance with other participants.

Effective notes, tasks, and decisions during the meeting can be taken with Beenote and are automatically included in your meeting minutes. You can then share these meeting minutes with your relevant team members. 

8. Magic Minutes

Magic Minutes is an online note-taking meeting software that allows you to set up meetings, take minutes, and create action items. It provides visibility over recent and upcoming meetings that are easy to manage and allows you to create agendas on the go.

The software allows you to include screenshots or images in the minutes, which can be easily shared via email or viewed on your Magic Minutes dashboard.

9. Tactiq

Tactiq provides an easy way to take detailed notes during meetings, allowing users to focus on the discussion.

Using Tactiq allows users to have more detailed notes of their meetings with less effort, as the software automatically records everything said during the meeting.

Tactiq is a simple and user-friendly software designed to work seamlessly with Google Meet, making it an easy choice for individuals or teams already using this platform for their meetings.

10. Meetly

Meetly is a platform designed to streamline the meeting process. It allows users to easily create meeting agendas, share notes, and assign action items discussed during meetings within the platform.

It seamlessly integrates with popular collaboration tools such as, Slack, and Trello, syncing items with your existing workflow for maximum efficiency.

11. MeetingKing

MeetingKing is an application for creating meeting agendas and minutes. The software enables you to create a meeting agenda quickly and easily to ensure that meetings are well-organized and efficient.

MeetingKing offers integrations allowing you to export tasks to different task managers and calendars, making managing and streamlining tasks easier. These integrations can help increase productivity and ensure tasks are completed promptly and efficiently.

12. Hugo

Hugo is a tool that helps you hold better meetings with a centralized platform for your actionable notes, and it also allows you to connect with your other work apps and tools.

You can create multi-user notes and edit them in real time with Hugo. This collaborative note-taking feature helps team members stay on the same page during meetings.

13. FireFlies generates an AI transcription of your meetings and sends it straight to your inbox within minutes of the meeting.

You can set up the AI assistant to automatically join all your meetings or select the ones you'd like transcribed. can connect with your calendar and join meeting events with a video-conferencing URL.

And there you have it. Our favorite meeting notes tools that you can choose from!


To sum up, taking good meeting notes is key to having productive teamwork. And in 2023, there are some great tools available to help you out, like Dive, nTask, MeetingBooster, and Hypercontext. These apps allow you to take notes during meetings, track important decisions, and stay organized.

But to get the most out of your notes, it's important to prepare beforehand, use a consistent format, and follow up on agenda items after the meeting. And by choosing a user-friendly tool that integrates with other apps, you'll be able to take your meetings to the next level and work more efficiently.

One such tool is Dive. You can streamline collaboration, increase accountability, and elevate your team's performance with Dive's easy-to-use features. Say goodbye to cluttered notes and hello to efficient and productive meetings.

Dive into your best meetings ever.

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