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New in Dive: January Product Release Notes

Welcome to the new and improved Dive! We know that looks aren’t everything, so we’ve upgraded more than just our design (though we think the new look is killer). Here is everything that’s new in Dive.

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Our upgraded homepage is your new home for meetings.

Customize your calendar with different views

You choose how to stay on top of your meeting schedule. Choose day view, weekly view, or list view. Click the dropdown in at the top of your calendar to select your view.

View and edit agendas without leaving the homepage

Hover over any meeting then click “Open Agenda and Notes” to open the agenda pop-up in the sidebar. Here you can view and edit your agenda, review tasks assigned in that meeting, invite participants, share the agenda, and more - without leaving your calendar view.

Supercharge your to-do list with Tasks (formerly Action Items)

Get more done in less time with our updated Tasks features. Here’s what’s new:

Create and assign tasks outside of agendas

Now, you can add tasks to your list directly from Dive, even if thay aren’t associated with a specific meeting or agenda. Simply navigate to the Tasks page and select “+Add”.

Filter tasks by assignee

Looking for tasks assigned to you by a specific person? Filter your tasks by navigating to the Tasks page and selecting All > Assignee.

View Tasks on the main Dive page

The Dive homepage now shows an overview of your tasks, so you know what’s coming up next.

Brighter, cleaner, faster meetings.

We’ve been hard at fixing bugs, speed up processing time, and making the product more intuitive so you can have the smoothest experience possible while using Dive. Our new look is reflective of a months-long effort to create a beautiful, simple, yet powerful experience.

For the most part, we opted to keep the UI in the meetings and agendas as close to the previous version as possible while beautifying the interface with a more modern look. We know that looks aren’t everything, but we hope our new one helps boost your day.

As always, our support team is available to help smooth the transition. Feel free to send us a message or schedule your personalized, free, 1-1 demo here.


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