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New On Dive: Product Updates For August!

Here's everything that we launched in August on Dive!

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We’ve got some GREAT NEWS for you.

While the last couple of weeks may have been extremely exciting (and intense) for everyone in our team, it becomes all worth it when we finally get to share it with our customers. It’s now. Now is when we share some incredible updates with everyone. 

Are you ready? Let's go!

Wherever you are meeting, we tag along!

“My folks wouldn’t use a new tool, so I want something that integrates with our current stack,” was the most common feedback we’d hear from everyone we met. We knew just how to solve it!

Presenting the Stand Alone Agenda.

Yep, no matter where you are meeting - be it Google Meet, Zoom, WebEx, MSTeams, Slack Huddle or even a co-located meeting in the office - our standalone agenda allows all stakeholders (and we really mean everyone) to collaborate.

Now you get to decide on the agenda, add action Items, take notes, use engaging tools & activities, all from the comforts of the meeting platform of your choice. No questions asked. Are you curious to know more? 

Check out our User Guide here.

Dive & Zoom pair like wine & cheese!

There are a lot of remarkable pairings in this world. Fish and chips. Peanut butter and jelly. Chips and salsa. Cookies and cream, We aren’t saying a lot, we’re just saying that we understand that everyone loves the joy of a perfectly fitting tool. Now you get to install Dive’s Zoom App and level up your Zoom meetings in the future. Decide on the agenda, add action Items, take notes, use engaging tools & activities, all from within the familiarity of your trusted Zoom app.

Actionable Feedback = Amazing Meetings!

Ever wondered how you could run your meetings better, but didn’t have the right tools to gather or act on this information? Well, now you need to look no further. 

Like we say, never fear, because Dive is here. With meeting feedback seamlessly integrated right into the meeting agenda, our interface helps you uncover anonymous & actionable insights on running the show in a more impactful way. After all, a meeting without feedback is not a (great) meeting at all.

More Safety = Smoother Adoption (Your IT Team thanks you!)

Yep, We know the sorrow of not being able to use an awesome tool because it couldn’t comply with the security standards. We get that 100%. Which is why we had to do something about it. 

As 10000+ teams migrated their meetings, notes, actions on Dive - levelling up our security game was the most obvious call to make.

Dive is now ISO, HIPAA & SOC2 compliant, making all your admin & IT approvals super smooth; enabling you to get started with your teams in less than a couple of minutes (and even fewer clicks). You’re welcome, IT teams!


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