Packed with features

Meetings for remote teams can also be fun! With Dive, you don't just create a space for informal hangouts but you also build a unified culture where teammates engage with one another, feel connected and valued. Dive is packed with features, interactions and dozens of activities to make every hangout session memorable and fun.

Emoticons, SOunds & Interactions

With Dive, meetings will never be boring again

You can make your team meetings engaging and super interactive with Dive's high-quality video and audio platform. React to your teammates with emojis, sounds and gifs, play games, and schedule Rituals for your weekly dose of fun!

Virtual social space for your team

Drop-in video

Vibe with your tribe and hang out with them in your own space. Play games, schedule fun Rituals, and engage with your team in a host of customizable Dive rooms.

New games every week

The teams that play together, stay together.

Choose from popular games like Draw Party, Cards Against Formality, Poker, Truth or Dare, and other fun team building activities and bond with your team.

Things to talk about

Break the ice and foster new social connections

Interesting, out-of-the-box conversation prompts to get you talking and build social connections at work.


Your repeated dose of fun 🥳

Is there a Dive that you and your team really enjoy? Avoid the hassle of creating a meeting from scratch every time you want to hang out and set up a Ritual instead. With Rituals, you can block anytime of the week and create a recurring hang out session!

Shuffle 🔀

Make new friends

Get paired with new folks, get to know more about them and have memorable conversations.

Leaderboard 🧗

Know where you stand

Dive offers an org-wide leaderboard to keep you motivated while playing games. See where you stand and challenge your peers.

Screenshot of slack bot usage showing how one can start a dive room from within slack.
Slack Integration

/dive your way from Slack

Connect on Dive faster and easier right from Slack. Start a room, nudge people, and get notified when others hang out so you don't miss out on the fun!

Dive in for a FUNtastic time with your team!