Dive is packed with features, interactions and activities to make every hangout session memorable and fun.

Emoticons, SOunds & Interactions

Zoom out of bland meetings

Add flavor to your meetings with high-quality
video, audio, emoticons, sounds, stickers, filters,
and other interactions.

Dive Rooms

Drop-in video

Hang out with like-minded people in your own space. Hop between rooms, have fun rituals, and engage with your peers in video rooms.

Play together; stay together

A new game
every week

Bond with your team over games.
Play draw party, cards against humanity,
poker, truth or dare, and other fun
games with your team.

Things to talk about

Conversations to remember

Interesting, out-of-the-box conversation prompts to get you talking and have unlimited fun.


Your repeated dose
of fun

Avoid the hassle of planning and setting
up every time. Improve the social connection
between your team members.


Build new connections

Get paired with new people and have memorable one-on-ones with them.


Know where you stand

An org-wide leaderboard to keep you motivated while playing games. See where you stand relative to your peers.

Dive in for a FUNtastic time with your team!